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Pollinating Insect Flower Seed Mat for Butterflies and Bees
The Pollinating Insect Flower Seed Mat for Butterflies and Bees is a border garden seed mat. Made of..
Popcorn Garden Roll and Grow Seeds
The Popcorn Plant roll and  grow garden produces awesome popping corn. Recycled paper that is p..
Purple Senstation Allium Flower Bulbs
Purple Sensation Allium bridges the gap between spring and early summer-flowering perennials. The 2″..
Rock & Bloom Solar Dancing Flower
Starting From $19.99
The Rock & Bloom Solar Dancing Flowers bring a smile to every ones face. When placed in direct s..
Rock Garden Flower Bulb Mixed Collection (55 Pack)
With a beautiful mix of pinks, purples, whites and blue, this rock garden collection will come alive..
Songbird Flower Seed Mat
The Songbird  Flower Seed Mat is a border garden seed mat. Made of Recycled paper that is pre-s..
Spring Flower Bloom Mixed Bulb Garden Collection (25 Pack)
These early Spring mix of Tulips, Daffodils, Botanical Crocus and Lavender Mountain Lilies will brin..
White Flower Bulb Garden Collection
Add a touch of class to any garden with this all white flower bulb collection. Perfect as a stand al..
American Daylily Mix
The perfect size and mix of these bright colored blooms will bring the outdoor garden inside your ho..
Anemone De Caen Mixed Flower Bulbs
Starting From $29.99
These spectacular and bright spring colors are a wonderful punch of color in a dull side yard or neu..
Basket Of Gold Alyssum Flower Seed Mat
Add dazzling golden yellow blooms to your garden with this gold alyssum flower seed mat. Blooming i..
Butterfly Hanging Bag
Bring your garden, patio, deck or outdoor living area to life with this hanging butterfly flower bag..
Cardinal Collection Red Flower Bulbs (25 Pack)
The greatest color for contrast in any garden is naturally red. These beautiful bright red flowers w..
Citronella Plants with Pot & Soil
Starting From $34.99
The Citronella plant, also called the Anti-Mosquito plant has thick green leaves that give off a ple..
Crayola Greenhouse Flower Seed Tray Colletion
Easy to Grow  flowers in your own mini greenhouse in three simple steps with this complete do- ..
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