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Your garden will dazzle with 8 beautiful pink tulips and 12 pink daffodils. This mix will pack a punch of color where they are planted. They love sunlight and bloom early Spring. The dark green and chartreuse foliage will explode early and the large, colorful flowers will follow.

Daffodils and tulips are often the first flowers of spring. Daffodils are available for plant hardiness zones 3 through 11, while tulips grow in USDA zones 3 through 9. Most daffodils feature bright yellow tubular flowers, while tulips come in a rainbow of colors. Mixing the two bulbs in a single bed creates a colorful spring display and can increase the flowering period if you mix early-flowering daffodils with midseason or late-blooming tulips. Both flowers grow best with full, all-day sunlight and have similar care needs, making them amiable companions.

Includes The Following Bulbs:

  • 8 Pink Tulips
  • 12 Pink Daffodils

Product Details

  • Sun
  • Bloom early spring to mid summer
  • Perfect for zones 3-11  Daffodils
  • Perfect for zones 3-9  - Tulips
  • Require well drained soil area


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