Basket Of Gold Alyssum Flower Seed Mat
Add dazzling golden yellow blooms to your garden with this gold alyssum flower seed mat. Blooming i..
Butterfly Hanging Bag
Bring your garden, patio, deck or outdoor living area to life with this hanging butterfly flower bag..
Cardinal Collection Red Flower Bulbs (25 Pack)
The greatest color for contrast in any garden is naturally red. These beautiful bright red flowers w..
Creeping Carpet Thyme Seed Mat
Perfect for small scale groundcover our creeping carpet thyme seed mat will cover pathway, landscap..
Dwarf Dahlia Flower Seed Mat
Dwarf Dahlia flowers are cheerfully bright, double blooms in solid red, yellow, orange, pink and wh..
Giant Stargazer & Dwarf Oriental Lily Bulbs Collection
Who can resist the fragrance and beauty of Stargazer Lily bulbs and Dwarf Patio Lily Bulbs? This spe..
Hummingbird Hanging Flower Bag
Quickly and easily create a natural hummingbird habitat right on your deck, balcony, patio or outdo..
Lilium Oohs and Aahs Mix
Beautiful bright shades on top of neat dark green bronze foliage, 'lilies are perfect plants for flo..
Mellow Yellow 25  Flower Bulb Collection
 The Mellow Yellow flower bulb collection are sure to bright and delight in any garden area. Th..
Merry Marigolds French Flower Seed Mat
Give your garden, walkway or backyard a burst of color with these merry marigold flowers. Just roll..
Midnight Moon White 25 Flower Bulb Collection
Enjoy a breathtaking view right in your very own garden with the Midnight Moon White Collection. The..
Mixed Double Petunia Flower Bag
No flower is more well-known or well-loved than the Petunia. Making this vertical flower bag a must..
Mixed Oak Pansy Tree Ring Mat
Add a touch of color around your trees or pathways with this roll out mixed pansy tree ring mat. Pa..
Orange Crush 25 Flower Bulb Collection
The most popular color choice for any garden is orange. The orange flowers that will bloom are sure ..
Rainbow Garden Color Collection
Starting From $34.99
Choose your color and add 25 mixed flower bulbs of that color to your garden! Immediately bringing t..
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