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Need more in depth details? Detailed Intructions

Plant your spring blooming bulbs in fall. You can use these plants as accents in spring planters or containers, in rockeries, along paths or in the early perennial garden. Find a location where the soil drains well and where they will receive full to half day sun.

Anemone Blanda -Anemone bulbs often benefit from a pre-planting soak to get them ready to grow. Before you head out to the garden to plant soak your anemone bulbs for 2-4 hours or overnight in a small bowl of lukewarm water. This will encourage them to sprout faster and get growing so they develop a good network of roots their first autumn in the garden. Dig holes and plant the anemones 1-2” down. Don't worry about which side of the bulb needs to face up.

Striped Squill - These should be buried in  about 8 to 10 cm deep, and about 10 cm apart. Striped Squill like a moist soil so keep well watered.

 Glory of the Snow -  Plant the bulbs 3 inches apart and 3 inches deep.Caring for glory of the snow is easy and effortless. Water only if the spring is dry and fertilize in early spring with a good bulb food.

 Dwarf Iris Reticula - Shallow planting is preferable as with most other types of iris plants.The plants should also be located in full sun or partial shade which includes moist, well-draining soil. Once established in the garden, these little gems require hardly any care. In fact, they pretty much take care of themselves. Other than keeping the soil moist, which can be helped along by providing leaf mulch, you really don’t need to do much else. And as long as the soil is relatively fertile or amended with organic matter, there’s no need for fertilizer either.

With a beautiful mix of pinks, purples, whites and blue, this rock garden collection will come alive with color. Including 15 Anemone Blanda, 10 Striped Squill, 15 Glory of the Snow, and 15 Dwarf Iris Reticula, this 55 pack of rock garden collection bulbs is sure to delight. 

The daisylike blooms on Anemone Blanda feature thin, silky petals that quickly disperse in the breeze after flowering. A color range of white, sky blue, pink and purple bloom early in the season before tulips open. Striped Squill burst into a sea of blue and white striped petals come spring, asking for little more than a half day of sun or dappled light under shrubs or trees. Also, an early bloomer, Glory-of-the-snow will quickly spread, creating layers under larger plants with patches of pink, white, or blue blooms. The starry, six-petaled blossoms stay in bloom for a few weeks. Plant glory-of-the-snow in the fall in any well-drained soil, and then sit back and wait for the show to begin. Iris reticulata bloom very early in the spring. The flower is quite large in compared to the plant as a whole, and has a wonderful fragrance.

Includes The Following

  • 15 Anemone Blanda
  • 10 Striped Squill
  • 15 Glory of the Snow
  • 15 Dwarf Iris Reticula

Product Details

  • Sun to partial shade
  • Bloom early spring to mid summer
  • Perfect for zones 3-9
  • Require well drained soil area


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