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Need more in depth details? Detailed Intructions

Choose a planting area that receives a minimum of six hours direct sunlight, preferably during the morning hours. Work 2 inches of organic compost and 5-10-5 slow-release fertilizer into the planting area with a shovel. Dig a hole for the citronella that is the same depth as the root ball and twice as wide. Set the plant in to hole so the top of the root ball is at ground level. Fill soil around the root ball to hold the plant in place. Space the plants 8 inches apart to prevent crowding. Water to compact the soil around the root ball and eliminate air pockets. Monitor the soil moisture and apply water to keep the soil evenly moist without creating standing water. Avoid letting the soil dry to 1 inch below ground level.

The Citronella plant, also called the Anti-Mosquito plant has thick green leaves that give off a pleasant, citrus fragrance that can be enjoyed in your garden or around you patio all summer long. These quick growers get up to 2 feet high and they are compact making them very convenient to plant around your garden or in pots to be placed on your patio, porch, along decks and anywhere needed. You can also try crushing the leaves for a natural insect repellent that can go just about anywhere. These are live plants  the pot and soil included are for transporting the plant  and should be either re-potted or placed in a yard/garden. 

Product Details

  • Sun to partial sun
  • Bloom late spring to mid summer
  • Perfect for zones 4-11
  • Grow 12-24" tall
  • Require well drained soil area

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