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Well, we can't persuade Mother Nature to start growing Strawberries on trees, but our Growin' Bags may just be the next best thing for bringing your sweet, plump berries to eye level! Combined with our ever berry Strawberry plants -- winter-hardy, heavy-bearing, and so delicious! -- and you'll find out just how easy "vertical gardening" can really be! Who says you have to crawl around in the dirt to grow great strawberries? Give your back and knees a break -- and your eyes a treat! -- by growing your berries against the patio wall, dangling from a post or hook, or in any other "vertical" location you choose! Just fill the reusable, almost indestructible Growing' Bags with potting soil,  place one Strawberry plant in each of the 10 holes along the side of the bag, water it well to get the roots going, and hang it in any sunny spot. It's just that easy!

Product Includes

  • Hanging Bag
  • 10 Strawberry Plant
  • Soil NOT included

Product Details

  • Sun to partial shade
  • Bloom early  summer
  • Perfect for zones 3-8
  • Require well drained soil area


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