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Turn any sunny patio, deck fence or wall into a beautiful edible organic garden Each USA-made bountiful kit includes a recyclable and reusable flexible polypropylene planter, nylon rope for hanging and non-GMO seeds. The lush, hanging foliage is decorative throughout the summer; afterwards, you'll be able to harvest delicious, ripe and organic jalapeño peppers—perfect for salsas, pickling, stews and more! Transform your patio, front porch, fence or railing into a productive garden in just minutes. To plant, just fill the planter with soil, punch out the perforated planting holes and place the seeds inside. Just recycle this outdoor hanging planter at the end of its long and useful lifetime and you're good to go. 

Product Details

  • Includes 9" x 25" reusable poly bag with nylon rope, packet of seeds, planting guide and case instructions.
  • Perfect for hanging over porch railings or vertical growing 
  • USDA Organic and GMO free.
  • Grow indoors or outdoors all year long!
  • Ideal for yards large and small, apartments, balconies, patios, gates, terraces, schoolyards and community and rooftop gardens.
  • All fruit require full sun.

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