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With a trowel, dig the planting holes and set the roots in them. Hold the buds (the pointed growing tips) 1 inch below the surface of the soil. then push soil back into the holes to cover the roots, firm the soil, and water thoroughly.

Luxurious perennial plants that are shade tolerant, low maintenance and beautiful. These hardy, versatile plants fill even your toughest spots and corners with texture and color.  Rich green foliage, heart shaped to  nearly round these plants spread anywhere between 20-36". A pleasing diversity of textures and colors. The hosta are mildly fragrant purple or white blooms appear atop tall stems, lasting two weeks in midsummer.  Hostsas ship as a bare root.

Product Details

  • Full shade to partial shade
  • Bloom mid to late summer
  • Grow 20-36" width
  • Perfect for zones 3-8
  • Require well drained soil area


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