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Need more in depth details? Detailed Intructions

Pick a sunny site with good drainage. You should plant the bulbs in groups of ten if you’re putting it in your perennial border, and space them a couple of inches apart.

You need to dig each hole three times as deep as the tulip bulb is tall. There should be twice as much soil over the tip of the bulb as height of the bulb, so if your tulip bulb measures 2 ½ inches tall, dig your hole 8 inches deep, so you’ll have 5 inches of soil above the bulb. 

Set the bulb so the pointy end is facing up. Don’t worry if you get some upside down. They should flower anyhow, but it will take them longer to come through the ground in spring and they may not be as tall as they should.

 After the tulips bulbs are planted, you need to water them thoroughly and then cover the area with a mulch of pine bark or shredded leaves to protect them.The bulbs need water to wake up and start growing. After this, leave them alone.Tulip watering needs are basically nonexistent beyond the occasional rain. If you have an irrigation system in your garden, make sure to keep it well away from your tulip bed. During long periods of drought, water your tulips weekly to keep the soil moist.

This botanical or species tulip is truly a beauty! Botanical Ground Cover Tulips are like a little ruby among the other flowers in your gardenTry this useful Tulip mix for a magnificent spring bulb display that will stop spring weeds in their tracks. This versatile blend of tulips contains some very choice forms, including the ever-popular, butter-yellow Tulip tarda. Plant them closely to form a dense carpet of colorful ground cover. Great for naturalizing and adding color to groundcover areas! Good choice for southern states. 

Product Details

  • Ideal for patios, ground cover, cut flower gardens
  • Hardy Flowers
  • Require full sun
  • Height: 9.8"
  • Spread: 5.9"
  • Blooms late February to early April

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