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Need more in depth details? Detailed Intructions

Place each pip (the pointed bud that produces new leaves and flowering stalks) in the planting hole about 1 inch below soil level. Spread the roots out around the pip like the spokes of a wheel. After covering with soil, firm lightly and water thoroughly. Space pips about 6in apart.

Lily of the Valley is a shade loving ground cover which produces wonderfully fragrant flowers in the early spring. Beautiful quill-like shoots unfold to green oval leaver. Fragrant, nodding white flowers appear on short stalks as if someone opened a bottle of perfume. By fall the flowers have developed into scarlet berries. The Lily of the Valley is a perennial and the perfect solution for those hard to grow areas in heavy shade such as beneath trees, under eaves, or on a shady slope to control soil erosion. Convallaria is a deer-proof ground cover tat will naturalize nicely. It grows from underground stems that spread quickly in the garden for great coverage.

Product Details

  • Part to Full Shade 
  • Blooms mid to late spring
  • Grow 6-8" tall
  • Perfect for zones 2-8
  • Require well drained soil area


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